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General Usage Rules

The Lancaster National Soccer Center, part of the City of Lancaster's Parks and Recreation system, is governed by the rules that apply to all City Parks. Below is a summary of common regulations in effect at the Lancaster National Soccer Center. Thank you for keeping our parks clean, beautiful, and well kept.
  1. Please ask city staff for any assistance. Telephone numbers are 661-723-5964 on the Eastside and 661-723-5947 on the Westside.
  2. Practice on your organization's field; please explain that the fields are assigned to your organization. Call City Hall for assistance.
  3. Requests for use of the Soccer Center fields or meeting rooms shall be made a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the date of requested use.
  4. Practice or play on any fields designated as closed is prohibited. Use of closed fields can result in a team or organization's removal from the Soccer Center.
  5. When the gates on the Eastside and/or Westside are locked, the Soccer Center shall be considered closed. Any use of the Soccer Center when the gates are locked is considered trespassing in accordance with the City's ordinances.
  6. Do not move any goals. They are secured by stakes and can become unstable if moved. Unauthorized movement of goals can result in a team or organization's removal from the Soccer Center.
  7. Do not move any trash barrels for use as goals or to cover sprinklers.
  8. Do not practice on wet fields. Severe turf damage may occur. The decision to close fields for practice and/or games shall be made by the Coordinator and the Lead Maintenance worker  of the Lancaster National Soccer Center. The decision shall be based upon field conditions, weather forecasts, and safety concerns. When fields are frosted, nobody is permitted within the fenced area around the fields until all frost has melted.
  9. Any scrimmages during practice times require prior written City approval. Practice hours are from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM Monday through Thursday.
  10. There is no ball playing of any kind in meeting or activity rooms.
  11. No littering or dumping allowed. Organizations are responsible for cleaning the field area after all practices and games.
  12. Dogs and cats are prohibited unless kept on a leash at all times under full control of the owner. The owner is responsible for cleaning up after their animal.
  13. No solicitations, flyers, or selling permitted by an individual, business or organization without written authorization from the City.
  14. No vehicles allowed in the field areas without City authorization. No carts or other vehicles are allowed on the fields. Carts must use areas between the fields.
  15. No unauthorized banners or promotional materials may be displayed without prior City authorization.
  16. No open fires, grills or cooking appliances are permitted at the Soccer Center.
  17. Amplified sound is prohibited except by permit.
  18. Golf, model airplanes, drones, rockets etc. are prohibited due to safety concerns.
  19. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  20. Smoking is prohibited within the field areas.
  21. Possession and discharge of firearms or weapons is prohibited.
  22. City or Los Angeles County employees who are certified police officers shall have the authority to warn, evict, arrest, and cite any person who violates any provisions of the City ordinance and/or disturbs the peace.

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